X X Mystic Maze

Ultimate Dungeon Crawler

Game Economy:

While most games try discourage a healthy in game economy, Mystic Maze strongly encourages it. All memory fragments (cards) will be obtained by players. All orbs will be created by players. No orb or memory fragment will be sold directly to the player (no pay to win). We want players to trade their memories and orbs with each other. There are over a hundred different types of memory fragments and each memory fragment is treated differently in the creation of an orb. Combine this with the high randomization factor during the creation of orbs and there should be a vibrant game economy.

Real Value:

A healthy and honest game economy requires an unit of trade with real value. Instead of creating tokens with no history and a fake market value, Mystic Maze uses Glitter. Glitter is fully backed by Bitcoin Cash. One Glitter equals one Bitcoin Cash bit. Why Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash kept the original vision of peer-to-peer currency envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. It's low fees and fast transactions make it perfect for backing Glitter. Bitcoin Cash is on multiple exchanges with an active community. Mystic Maze is the very first online multiplayer game with a commodity pegged to a fairly mined cryptocurrency.

Fun and Value:

Mystic Maze provides many paths to both fun and value. Trade memory fragments and orbs with other players for valuable Glitter. Use that Glitter to enhance your Avatar or even trade for valuable cryptocurrency. The further you descend into the maze, the greater your potential rewards.