X X Mystic Maze

Ultimate Dungeon Crawler

Explore the Ultimate Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler!

At it's heart, Mystic Maze is multiplayer grid based dungeon crawler. Collect and combine forgotten memory fragments to create powerful orbs. Use orbs to build and customize your avatar. Descend into the depths of the maze and navigate timeless corridors. Survive hostile environments and defeat mystical creatures. Collect lost memory fragments, create powerful orbs, upgrade your avatar, and recover valuable crypto cubes. Mystic Maze features an unique loot and inventory system combined with a real POW cryptocurrency backed commodity to create a diverse and challenging world.

Your avatar is the expression of three major orbs: orb of ascension, orb of manifestation, and orb of dreams. You can also supplement your avatar with up to seven sparkling orbs. You will need all three of the major orbs to navigate most areas of the maze.

As you descend further into the depths of the maze, you will have an opportunity to defeat powerful creatures and collect stronger memory fragments that can be used to create better orbs and enhance your avatar.